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An invitation to bypass the Ordinary...

Exceptional print and online portfolios and profile pages that present both artistically and professionally are absolutely critical to success for anyone needing to communicate their talent to the world. This is especially true for new models and actors.

Photography by Sam Barrow provides a service for anyone wanting an out-of-the-ordinary collection of images, a beautiful printed portfolio, a one-off conceptual or art photo, or simply assistance with revealing their inner genius in visual form.

As an art photographer, exhibiting international print artist, writer and editor, Sam is perfectly positioned to help you produce curiously good, attention-grabbing material suitable for online or print.

Portfolio photosets from $200. Conceptual/art images employing a multidisciplinary team from $500. Print portfolios and text writing, editing and photo post-processing services also available.

Adventures in Portraiture...

“No matter what the occasion, crafting an enduring image that deeply engages and invites uncommon potentials is a journey only the heart can direct. It’s a journey to be savored, nurtured and lived”. Sam Barrow.

Rose Halfpenny - Model

Sam is an exceptional photographer! He is very patient, gives clear direction and is an absolute joy to work with! I would happily recommend him, and would love to work with him again :) Darcie Neil

Have worked with Sam a couple of times now and can definitely recommend him. Sam is highly professional and has an in depth knowledge of photography. He gives fantastic direction that is easy to follow and his images always have an excellent creative concept. He knows exactly what he is doing so as a model you can feel confident and at ease during the shoot. Hayley Roberts

Have worked with Sam on three photo shoots as HMUA (and photographer's assistant when required!). Sam has a great eye and creates amazing photos. He is very collaborative, and likes all team members having input. Definitely recommend. Deirdre Fell

Sam is such an awesome photographer to work with! He is extremely passionate about art and photography and will exceed great lengths to get the images he is after! Thoroughly enjoyed modeling for him and would jump at the opportunity of modeling with him again. Carissa Brant

Was a pleasure meeting and working with Sam. Great hospitality and accommodating the whole teams needs. Beautiful ideas and instantly knows what he wants from his photos to showcase. Look forward to working with Sam again in the future. Rose Halfpenny

Sam is one of the best photographers I have worked with. He knew the types of shots he wanted and his direction was clear and easy to follow. The photos from this shoot blew me away, the lighting, the composition... Absolutely amazing. I recommend Sam highly, and can't wait to work with him again. Bec Sandys

Sam was so much fun to work with. His creative ideas and openness to trying new things was extremely enjoyable and he created a relaxing, stress free environment to shoot in. Sam has a great personality, work ethic and oozes passion for what he does which shows in his work - I am really looking forward to working with Sam again so we can create more magic! :) Stephanie Pearce

Sam is a professional and talented photographer who excels in the use of outdoor light. All aspects of his photography come together to create a fantastic end result. He takes pride in his work and is always a pleasure to work with! Julia Hope

Sam is an excellent photographer. Working with him, he enabled me to both follow his creative direction and also 'ad lib' when I wanted. He is lovely to work with and gives constructive feedback while working with a model which makes it easier to change and alter positions and styling when needed. Also, he explores the edge between fashion and more artistic photography. Recommend working with him! Cate Emsley

I was really not keen on getting my photos taken but Sam was brilliant. He also exceeded my expectations on the brief. I was after natural but arty photos and he nailed it. Thanks Sam. Vanessa Wright.

Adventures in Portraiture...

Rachel Millns - Miss Universe NZ

Claudia Carter - Fine Art Model

Carissa Brant - Fine Art Model, Actor

Leah Perriam - Actor

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